What is Ihop?

There is a prayer meeting that is going on right now and goes on all week 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Every two hours another worship team/prayer team sets up.  What’s more, it has been going on non-stop for 12 years.  You can watch it online at anytime, your prayer life just got a lot of help!

The International House of Prayer of Kansas City is a missions organization located in south Kansas City, Missouri. It is part of the prayer movement, but the prayer movement isn’t just a cool new idea, it is crucial. The Lord is currently raising up communities of people given to lifestyles of prayer and fasting as a foundation for the release of the Apostolic church.

IHOP at its core is deeply committed to prayer, fasting, and living the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7) as well as seeing Jesus proclaimed to all nations with power as God’s way to establish justice in the earth. IHOP’s work includes equipping and sending “intercessory missionaries” across the nations as dedicated intercessors and evangelists laboring for revival in the Church and awakening among the lost (Matthew 9:37-38).

At the heart of the IHOP Missions Base is the 24/7 prayer furnace. On May 7, 1999, the prayer room began operating for 13 hours a day. On September 19, 1999, non-stop 24/7 worship with intercession began and has ascended to the throne of God without ceasing since then. Click the picture on the right to join us live anytime, or go back through archives or worship with the word sets, or intercession.  The prayer room is a place of encounter, transformation, revelation, and equipping for the work of the Great Commission as well as a “rallying point” for believers in the city to gather to intercede for the Great Harvest and plead for mercy in times of crisis. Structured in 84 two-hour prayer meetings each week, each worship team at IHOP plays for two hours at a time, praying and singing the Scriptures using the apostolic prayers, the hymns of Revelation, the Psalms and the Song of Solomon.

The prayer room fuels all of the other departments on the Missions Base, including:

Outreach to the poor and sick in our city through healing and evangelism ministries
Training through the base’s Bible and music schools and short-term internships
A local church congregation, “Forerunner Christian Fellowship”
National and regional conferences to equip the saints for the work of ministry
IHOP is staffed by about 400 full-time “intercessory missionaries”, who all raise their own financial support and have all committed to living a lifestyle of simplicity in order to extravagantly give themselves to Jesus and to the ones He loves in the earth.

Is this a new idea?
No, not at all. In fact, perpetual solemn assemblies have played a key role in the formation of church history throughout the centuries.

A brief history:

Bangor, Ireland. In AD 555, a Celtic monk named Comgall and colleague Columbanus gathered 3,000 monks to a place called Bangor (the High Choir). They began a prayer meeting, which continued with singing for twenty-four hours a day for 300 years resulting in the first Celtic missions movement in history.

Clairvaux, France. In AD 1120, a Catholic monk named Bernard gathered 700 monks to a valley called Clairvaux (the valley of light). They began a prayer meeting that continued twenty-four hours a day for many years resulting in a dynamic release of evangelism through signs and wonders across all of Europe.

Herrnhut, Germany. In 1727, a young German nobleman named Nicholas Ludwig Count von Zinzendorf (1700–1760) gathered persecuted Christians to his large estate in Germany. This large estate, Zinzendorf called Herrnhut, which means “the Watch of the Lord”. These Christians, known as the Moravians, began a prayer meeting that continued twenty-four hours a day for 120 years and resulted in the first Protestant mission movement.

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  1. Posted by Rev. James Cook on February 10, 2013 at 7:12 pm

    Please pray for me and my ministry. I have just started my own church,I have

    been in ministry for over 20 years and have pastored several churches, but

    now at age 52 God has blessed me with my own church and pray that God will

    send me praise and worship singers and leaders and workers and musicians.

    Pray that God will enable me to go into full time ministry. I have also

    started with the Food Bank through my 501(C)(3) non-profit,tax-exempt

    ministry, to help the poor and needy. Pray that God will give me Favor with

    Himself and mankind. I have worked for the Coca-Cola company for over 28

    years and now I have got hurt on the job and workmens compensation is giving

    me a hard time, it doesn’t want to take care of my treatment or any further

    testing. I need another surgery on my left shoulder, They did take care of

    the surgery on my right rotator cuff, but they have denied any thing and

    everything on my back, both lower and upper; I have buldging and have

    damaged disc in my upper neck area and lower back. Please pray that God will

    heal me, my lower back gives me the most trouble, I am in lots of pain.

    God also has blessed me in my later years of life with two children of my

    own, I have a 2 year old son and a four year old daughter and I am 52 years

    old. Please pray for my finances and those of my ministry, The Living Bread

    Holiness Church and Conference. Please send me an anointed and imparted into

    prayer clothe, I need it right now,urgently and if God would lead you to

    send me a prophetic word. Please pray that God would give me as many gifts

    as I can have; to be a blessing to His people and the lost. Pray that God

    will give me great boldness and a photographic memory, to be able to study

    and remember His word. Pray that God will give me the gifts of words of

    knowledge and wisdom, prophecy,healing and working of miracles and

    discerning of spirits and interpertation of tongues. I know that I have

    asked alot, but God is more than able to do these things and more. Pray that

    God will give me 24 hour/ 7 days a week prayer warriors and intercessors for

    me, REV. James Cook (pastor) and my family and ministry.

    God Bless You,Richly, Rev. James Cook PO Box 15363 New Bern, North Carolina

    28561 USA kingly5@hotmail.com 252-229-8456 Please have everyone that

    you can praying for us and our ministry,put us on every prayer chain and

    list that you can and keep us there. Please pray for our

    finances,healing,gifts,full time ministry and that God would give us

    Shalom-meaning nothing missing and nothing broken and peace,whole.

    Pray that God will me me wisdom,knowledge and understanding and a creative

    mind also, and that God will give me revelation knowledge and enable to go

    into radio and tv ministry. Pray that God will send me supporters and or

    backers for me and the ministry. I must have some miracles in my marriage to my wife,Shelley Cook,pray that God will heal our marriage. I must also have some miracles in my personal finances and those of our church and ministry.

    Please also stand in agreement with me,on my other prayer request and things that I have asked God for.


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