Knowing the Father

John 14:9If you had known Me, you would have known Him,” His character was beautiful to those who knew Him, so full of enthusiasm and kindness.  He showed them so much strength, so much confidence.  He had clarity and a pure spirit.  They wanted to be with Him, I bet in traveling they were trying to get in the front of the line so that they could be closer to Him.  He was so profoundly attractive to them.  And all the while He was making the Father known to them.

Jesus’s relationship with the Father is a model for our relationship with Him.  There is so much in His personality and His relating with us that can facinate us and restore our hearts to be as He created them to be.  At the core of His being He feels, thinks and acts like a Father because from eternity past He is a Father at the heart level.

He does have such power that you will tremble when you encounter it!, but He also has affections like a Father and desire for personal relationship.  He has such transcendence, having power so utterly beyond anything we can imagine, He is wholly other than, He is in a realm of His own.  And yet he relates to us and so strongly desires our fellowship that He gave His Son for us!

We’ve just got to continue to pray these Scriptures and ask Holy Spirit to minister that which the Father says to us and feels about us (John 16:13).  He is also called the Spirit of Adoption, He can make the Father’s heart known to us.  Resolve to ask the Spirit to reveal the Father to you each day.  Sometimes you’ll feel it right away, sometimes the next day.  But if you prayed it everyday how close would you be to the Lord in a year?  Cultivate the anointing to recieve the Father’s love!!!


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